Carpet Cleaning

We specialise in getting your commercial and domestic carpets clean.

We get carpet and upholstery stains out! With use of the biggest mobile cleaning unit in Coffs Harbour, we can clean even the most difficult to access carpets such as high rise apartments.

Why we are the best choice for carpet cleaning
in Coffs Harbour:

  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning

  • Fast dry method

  • Environmentally friendly equipment, chemicals and method

  • We always pre-vacuum

  • We utilise the latest carpet cleaning extraction machines

  • Low allergenic chemicals leaving no residual overpowering odours

  • Deodorise & sanitise

  • Before or after hours to reduce inconvenience to your customers

  • 24 hour emergency call out (flood/storm damage)

  • Complimentary stain guard with every clean

  • Seniors get a 10 % discount

  • 100% Quality work guarantee – if you’re not happy, we’ll fix it

Contact Us or call today for a free, no obligation quote.
Southern Cross Commercial Cleaning – Dale Ryan ph 0415 855 907

Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Dale Ryan (Southern Cross Commercial Cleaning) steam cleaning carpets at the Medical Specialist Centre

What do I treat my stained carpet with?

Best to ONLY USE COLD WATER and sponge the stain gently, then call us… 0415 855 907, for further specific advice. Commercially bought products often bleach or lighten your carpet’s colour or can set the stain permanently. NEVER use hot water on a spill even if it is needing disinfecting.

What stains can you treat?

We utilise many varied ‘spotters’, each aimed to specifically remove a particular type of stain. These stains range from:

  • Oil based products inc. lipstick, crayons, oil.

  • Human and pet bi-products inc. Blood, faeces, urine, vomit, etc.
  • Caffeine inc. tea, coffee, cola, etc.

  • Red wine, and many others.

Can you guarantee to get stains out?

We don’t guarantee to fully remove any stains that have been treated by owners prior to our clean. However, we aim to at least diminish or remove the stains to the best of our ability in these circumstances. We want to leave you happy with our work and willing to recommend us to your family and friends.

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